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I can’t imagine not having them

…What I really like about the EasyCharge is that it’s rechargeable and extremely comfortable. I put them on the charger when I go to sleep… and when I get up, I just press a button, and I’m off and running…It restored a bridge between my family and my loved ones. I can’t imagine not having them. - Steven T.

Top 5 Reasons to wear hearing aids

  • Hear the birds
  • Enjoy a restaurant
  • Get the joke
  • Hear the phone
  • Enjoy the music!
EasyCharge rechargeable , All digital hearing aids
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars. Based on 468 Reviews
I am pleasantly surprised...Thank you very much... Review by Richard Allen

I am pleasantly surprised...Thank you very much... When I sent the below email to you I really did not expect much of a reply. I was surprised today to notice you had credited me the $59 cost of the dehumidifier kit. Thank You Very Much. Now that I have had some time to acclimate to the feel and sound of the Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Hearing Aids, I wish to tell you I am sending emails to all I know who are using aids. I am telling them of the high quality of...

I am 110% thrilled Review by Jack

I took a chance and ordered the EarCentric behind the war hearing aids. I am 110% thrilled with the hearing aids. I have a pair of $4000.00 hearing aids and they don't compare with the EarCentric ones. Easy to adjust. I hear everything and the quality is too notch. Thank you so much for providing an excellent product at an affordable price.

Comfortable yet sexy hearing aids.Quite impressive Review by Shela Ruts

These aids have improved my hearing. And I have tinnitus and hearing loss that too high frequency. It has four programs and out of those one program intensifies the higher frequencies. I can enjoy my TV once again. Before using this, I have also tried in the canal hearing aids and found them very uncomfortable and not at all effective. I recommend these who really wish to improve their hearing.

I like these hearing aids. Review by Brendon Tamiko

I have to say my review falls between like and love, leaning towards the love it side. I have had previous experience with hearing aids, even the more personalized expensive ones. They were uncomfortable and did not perform well even with adjustments made. I have spent a lot of money and time into electronic hearing aids but I must admit to not being satisfied. I also had to visit the audiologist multiple times. This device though is a gift from the heavens. It has barely been a week and...

I like these hearing aids. Review by Augustina Glawson

I like these hearing aids. Yes, pros are more than cons. My hearing has improved using these aids. But I don’t know why it will start leaving high-pitched squeals, even several in a row. I don't know the reason yet. Sometimes I am sitting idol and it starts. The noise level doesn't change at all. Sometimes I take them out because the squeals hurt. Normally, It happens in car while driving. I tried calling the customer representative to fix these problems. I still love the prodcut as it has...

Good value Review by Melda Morimoto

I have used this device for a month. My age is 62 years and am a physician with moderate hearing loss. Earlier, I purchased hearing aids worth $1500 each and I was so disappointed by their performance at this cost. I am so happy with the earcentric hearing aids. I think these aids are the best solution for medium or moderate hearing loss. They sequeal sometimes even on hearing channel three but it possibly means I use them on too loud. I will strongly recommend these aids to my patients who...

Wow, my right hearing is better than the left Review by Diego Victoria

I received the earcentric aids of Medininja on time as expected. I took around an hour to get accustomed to the programs and volume controls of the aids. I wore them in the right ear for 2 days and now I don't feel their presence. Currently, I am at program 1 with a volume control from 6 to 7. These are four times cheaper than the expensive ones. I am using the sams one too in my right ear as my right hearing is better than the left. I normally use the volume controls on earcentric.

Like them a lot Review by Arleen Rappley

I ordered one hearing aid for the left ear, just to make sure if this works or not for your ears. In a week time, I ordered for another ear too. These have impressed me a lot. These aids work great but you need to work a bit with them and explore them. I had some issues with the device that I was able to solve after doing some adjustments. It is great to be able to listen to discussions especially, in meetings where previously I used to miss everything. Gone are the days when I have to repeat...

These are working Review by Emeline Markin

After reading so many reviews online, I purchased the earcentric hearing aids. My main concern is background noise, I felt so bad at parties, hotels, social gatherings etc. My age is 65 and my audiologist said that I had a minor hearing loss but I think I have major hearing loss. Its been two days only and these have started working for me. I personally use it for background noise and low level volume. I will be updating the real view really soon after attending the one dance band...

Thank god for the cheap and best hearing aids Review by Carli Amerman

Are you having trouble in finding the right hearing aids? Read my review to know about earcentric hearing aids. I am a teacher so I couldn't afford $2000 hearing aids. I was searching for something using which I could hear well - an affordable device may be. It been a year searching for the right pair. Meanwhile, I have tried many hearing aids worth $100 but those were pathetic and useless. I was excited and happy when I came across earcentric hearing aids and its positive feedbacks. I agreed...

Suggested to all who needs hearing aids Review by Chanelle Scott

My husband just got them. These earcentric aids works so perfect. Some call them sound amplifiers. I actually don't know the basic difference between sound amplifiers and hearing aids. My husband also bought sound amplifier. But he always complains about these that he couldn't hear in crowded places. One day he lost one of them. Than we purchased the earcentric hearing aids. He is so glad to have them in his life. The company put lots of efforts to make their customers happy on the very first...

These aids function well Review by Zora Nowling

Initially, it worked well as advertised. I am not sure if I am ready to use the hearing aids for the whole day. The setup instructions provided are not sufficient enough to set up the device. The hearing aids has four hearing channels which are not briefed. I would be grateful if I can grab more information about this device from anywhere. The device stopped working on the 28th day I was using it.

I loved these hearing aids. These are the keepers. Review by Oren Battistone

The device is really very small - this is to tell to all those who might want to know the size of the device. The only thing I can see is the wire that connects the aids to the ear. Still, it's really small and clear. The aids fit behind the ear and are very small. HAHA, I am bald, so there is nothing to hide. But these are not much noticeable if you have hair. The aids are working great. I had irritated my wife a lot with so many repeated words like hmm's, what's, but's and I didn't hear...

Good hearing aids Review by Dan B.

This is my first full day wearing hearing aids in my life. I work at a window factory in the maintenance department. I was told and teased by other maintenance workers that I was hard of hearing. I told them to not tease me to much because your headed my way some day!! ...anyway I'm all over the plant from doing work in quiet office areas to fans running, noisey loud sharp sounds like saws cutting metal on the production areas. It can be sorta loud until a saw cuts metal, then, very loud,...

Love this product Review by Love this product

I bought this for my Dad. The device is very easy to set up. Only take 5-10 minutes after watching the instruction video. The rocker switch is very easy to use. He hears better now. On the other hand, he feels sometimes, it is sensitive to wind noise. Overall, Wonderful product! Works perfectly.

I don't think others has that cheap and best aids Review by Tobias Benedetto

It’s been a couple of weeks, that I am using this affordable aids. One thing I cherish the most now is when my wife asks me to turn up the volume of the television. One thing that I am still learning is the arrangement and adjustment of settings to make for different situations like when the A/C is on, hearing my own footsteps, birds, conversations and even the voice of forks on plates in the restaurants. I can hear really well now. The thing that surprises me the most is when my wife...

Thank god I got these aids and they saved my life Review by Joaquin Muriel

Great service, I have asked them to deliver urgently and they delivered them so fast. I was looking for so long for such an amazing and in-budget hearing aids. My son saw them online and asked me to give them a try. I am so happy with the product that I am suggesting it to everyone around me. Thanks a lot for making such a great and reasonable device. Amazing experience with them!

I did an amazing purchase Review by Alexis Zachery

A few months back I noticed that I was developing hearing problems and I was often asking people to repeat themselves multiple times. I knew I needed hearing aids but man, were they expensive! I was worried about my condition when a friend told me about this company. I did some research on them, found great reviews everywhere and finally ordered a part from them. From the very first day of their arrival, my life has been better. Even my wife and my children tell me so and I dont have to ask...

Wow, these aids work fantastic Review by Wilber Poduska

I have used most expensive hearing aids for around 15 years. Those were non-adjustable and their quality degrads as time went with cleaning and adjustments. Than on one fine day I ordered earcentric hearing aids and that works wonders. I could now adjust the volume as per my need. And my wifes happiness is back. I have used these aids in different environments like noisy hotel, etc. Overall, I loved these aids and decided to order the second one too.

I love the earcentric hearing aids. Review by Scott Rose

This tiny hearing aids are so good and works same as my husband's hearing aids for which I spent thousands of dollars. I tried both and there is not much difference in sound quality. At first I was so confused by instructions but after doing some research online and had a word with seller about instructions then It got easy to adjust the settings. I specifically liked the "tail" on this device. I tried my husband hearing aids, they do not fit securely in my ear, it feels like it...

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