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I can’t imagine not having them

…What I really like about the EasyCharge is that it’s rechargeable and extremely comfortable. I put them on the charger when I go to sleep… and when I get up, I just press a button, and I’m off and running…It restored a bridge between my family and my loved ones. I can’t imagine not having them. - Steven T.

Top 5 Reasons to wear hearing aids

  • Hear the birds
  • Enjoy a restaurant
  • Get the joke
  • Hear the phone
  • Enjoy the music!
EasyCharge2 rechargeable , All digital hearing aids
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars. Based on 449 Reviews
Thank god I got these aids and they saved my life Review by Joaquin Muriel

Great service, I have asked them to deliver urgently and they delivered them so fast. I was looking for so long for such an amazing and in-budget hearing aids. My son saw them online and asked me to give them a try. I am so happy with the product that I am suggesting it to everyone around me. Thanks a lot for making such a great and reasonable device. Amazing experience with them!

I did an amazing purchase Review by Alexis Zachery

A few months back I noticed that I was developing hearing problems and I was often asking people to repeat themselves multiple times. I knew I needed hearing aids but man, were they expensive! I was worried about my condition when a friend told me about this company. I did some research on them, found great reviews everywhere and finally ordered a part from them. From the very first day of their arrival, my life has been better. Even my wife and my children tell me so and I dont have to ask...

Wow, these aids work fantastic Review by Wilber Poduska

I have used most expensive hearing aids for around 15 years. Those were non-adjustable and their quality degrads as time went with cleaning and adjustments. Than on one fine day I ordered earcentric hearing aids and that works wonders. I could now adjust the volume as per my need. And my wifes happiness is back. I have used these aids in different environments like noisy hotel, etc. Overall, I loved these aids and decided to order the second one too.

Thank god Review by Quincy Vanwyhe

I have been using expensive hearing aids since 10 years. I recently misplaced one and was worried about having to spend thousands of dollars to have it replaced. One day, I read an article in the New Yorker about advanced hearing technology. In that I read that there are now more cheaper ways that provide great solutions for people with medium hearing loss. Although the article didn't mntion earcentric hearing aids but I did some personal research and decided to give them a try.Its been a...

I was not happy with my old hearing aids Review by Raymon Fillingim

I had purchased a $3000 hearing aid and was unsatisfied with it. I went to the hearing aid store number of times once I paid for it and they denied to help. I researched online and purchased earcentric hearing aids from Medininja at an affordable price. When i received them they didn't work well so I called the customer number and the their representative told me to change to the longer tube amd the solid earpiece. The device works amazing, far better than the expensive unit. I can control...

Hearing aids that helped me a lot in hearing well Review by Jarrett Roethler

I didn't realize my hearing was getting worst. My wife asked me to try the hearing aids number of times but I turn up the TV volume every time. I didn't realize how bad my behavior had become to friends and family. When I finally decided to give them a try, I was shocked after seeing the prices of hearing aids. The price range was $2000 to $8000 for a pair, While as per my friend's reviews we should change them after every 3 years of time period. That was too much. Earcentric hearing aids...

My hearing has improved a lot Review by Bradly Lubke

I have to say I am honestly contemplating five stars. What really impressed me was how on point the service was. I received two emails following up the issue. The emails were also very matter of fact and reinstated their return policy of 45 days. I was really happy with the customer support. The device itself was very easy to use and configure. The website offers helpful videos and manuals for easier configuration. The battery hasn't dried out yet and I've been using it for about a...

Worth a purchase Review by Elvin Coday

I am not a reviewer but I yeah I am the person who purchases online after reading the reviews. I have received these earcentric hearing aids one month ago. They have completely changed my life. I had minor hearing loss that has become more prominent with time which had been becoming a major issue for me at work and at home too. These hearing aids work tremendously great. It has variety of settings to play with to make it work for you. The sound quality is great, these are comfortable, and...

These are worth the money and time Review by Merle Carlotta

I have bought them for my hubby and he was so happy after using them. Our relationship is also improved now as I don't have to repeat every single sentence. We loved it. He uses them daily and didn't face any issue yet. Their customer support staff called me for asking is the device working fine and they have answered to all my questions. Highly suggested.

Like these a lot Review by Carmelo Finton

I have been using earcentric hearing aids since four months. This is an amazing product at an affordable price. And the customer service is outstanding. One day, I had a problem with the left unit than I contacted their customer service and explained the problem to the main person. They gave an easy intructions on how to return the product and within a few days I got a new unit to exchange the old one. Earcentric hearing aids is worth 5 star rating. Thanks a lot Medininja.

I am a fully satisfied customer Review by Vinzenso Dearing

I have seen many reviews of this product. I am using hearing aids since 10 years. My most recent hearing aid were worth $5k each. They did work. I purchased these earcentric hearing aids as a back up as I needed to send my hearing aids for a regular service and repair so those were returned afer 3 weeks. I liked the earcentric aids. My old aids are back and those are my back up now. The best advantage of these hearing aids is that the volume remains in my control. I can do the adjustments...

These are really awesome Review by Edward Tomilson

I am so happy I made the decision of buying these aids after reading so many reviews on it as I have severe hearing loss. I was doubtful what if these hearing aids would also not work as of my $8000 worth previous hearing aids which finally damaged after warranty. I couldn't be much happier. These are not that much great but I couldn't resist my self in buying this because it has number of advantages. It offers a number of extras like volume control feature, I can make number of adjustments,...

Nice Device Review by Delbert Sarelas

These hearing aids are good. I am hoping to get more comfortable with these aids. I would highly recommend these aids to those who can't afford highly expensive hearing aids available in the market. It has 5 hearing channels or programs. It has a telecoil (telephone mode) too. Great device!

I found them better than expected Review by Ned Sroka

We ordered these for my mother in law who has lost almost all her hearing and she didn't like the $1800 hearing aids given by her doctor. These aids are working well after some adjustments and she found them comfortable too. Yup, it took around 25 days to settle accompanying some headaches and sensitivity in the ear. Try your hands on different sized ear pieces as the size helps stop back near sounds but also very large aids causes pain in the ear canal. Don't forget to read the instructional...

Comfortable design, strong execution Review by Sonny Kimberley

Comfortable design and fit. Once your brain will get used to them, you will hear everything clearly. The battery life of earcentric is also good as compared to my old branded aids. The volume diminishes when the battery about to die so you will get to know. Overall, these are the best hearing aids available in the market these days. These are very helpful. Its been a month only with these aids, I will surley share the big review once I will use them more. A month update: Working smoothly,...

Splendid product Review by Ulysses Marohl

I have purchased these Earcentric hearing aids second time. Firstly, I ordered one for my right ear as my right ear is more weak then I decided to order for my left ear too. The sound quality of this smart device is amazing and it works as great as other expensive hearing aids. The best part about them is that the device has the telecoil.

Thank you Review by Temika Cannon

Thanks to your team for making these aids. These are perfect for my ears and have proper inbuilt settings too. A smart purchase!

These are just the apple of my eye now. Loved them Review by Dillon Verry

I had been using the worst hearing aids for several years. I have tried some new hearing aids recently. And I found earcentrics to be the best among them in terms of comfort and amplification. The instruction manual is very user-friendly. The hearing aids are very easy to wear and use. It is kind of miracle to be not hearing anything so I can hear everyone my grandchildren, friends, and family. And NAture of course. Thanks MEdininja!

Thanks a lot Review by Talitha Huse

I have got these this afternoon and I am so liking them. After an hour of use, I can give 5 stars to this device. I will surely share my complete review too. Thanks a lot.

New Hearing aids Review by Ken Robinson

I was a very old Medininja client, and, one of my hearings aids got failed after 4+ years of smooth use. Hearing team suggested me that the device could not be repaired no as they don’t have the older parts. That was quite disappointing for me. But then they have offered me a great replacement stating that the new device will have many new features in the near future. So, I couldn’t deny the offer. Yesterday, I received my new Earcentric Smart Mini BTE hearing aids and these are more...

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